In order to better manage your vehicle or your fleet, we offer the installation of the coupling housing to a location-based service platform, customizable to your needs and uses. You have the opportunity to manage your own vehicles on PC and tablets, with secure access.

Three service offerings have been specially designed by our developers (other possible developments according to your needs):



PROTECTFUEL® is studied to fight against fuel theft. The service offering PROTECTFUEL® requires equipment of a communicating plug. Alongside our PROTECTFUEL® cap solution, we offer a mobile application on self-monitoring and / or supported by a monitoring center recognized by the authorities.

 ProtectDrive :

ProtectDrive is suitable for heavy vehicles and construction sites, through functions specifically designed for carriers. The idea is to be able to monitor your vehicles in real time on a secure web platform and manage eco-driving chauffeur.


ProtectFleet :

ProtectFleet is a geolocation service vehicle tracking and suitable for all types of vehicles, utilities, and courier. The principle is to follow in real time your vehicles on a special transportation mapping a secure web access.


The Advantages

Interconnecting Our telematics solutions guarantee a rapid return on investment. Four benefits are to remember in all our offers:

 - Instant search and geolocation of vehicles

- Mapping specially designed and developed for carriers

- Better monitoring of mileage and points of interest management (POI)

- The monitoring and improvement and eco-driving


We decided to make a very attractive offer, to allow more people access to the latest most advanced innovations in embedded telematics and advise our business, a price as a subscription, equipment included.

Recommended price from 15 € / month



Vehicle Type : Private / Light Utility Vehicle


Vehicle Type : Heavy Truck


Monitoring of kilometers driven, speed and hours of uses

Measure of fuel consumption station

Option    Option

Automated tracking of maintenance cycles

Driving behavior analysis of each conductor

- -

Geolocalization of all vehicles from the fleet in real time

Time stamped of itinerary and time tracking analysis stops


Connection to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth

Option Option -

Driver identification


Pop-up alert on vehicle outside point of interest


Transmission on opening and closing of the tank cap antitheft

- -

Calculation of downtimes with the engigne running


Anti-siphoning system

- -

Remote monitoring on fuel offer

 Option Option -

 Detection intrusion alarm

 Option Option  -

 Detection aggression alarm

 Option Option  -

Remote monitoring risks heavy p3

To ensure direct treatment from the authorities on ProtectFuel® alerts, we have chosen for you, one of the best national monitoring networks approved by the police authorities and police. This operational monitoring center, established in 1985, is certified by the insurers according to standard APSAD P3 (No. 129.69.31). Highly secure, the center has more than 50 operators who take turns 24h / 24 and 7days / 7 to ensure the protection of your tanks.

APSAD certification issued by the National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP), can distinguish based on their professional skills but also their means and organization to ensure the quality of their technical services in the areas like trespass and theft. This certification and offers the customer a high quality of services provided by a recognized professional in security.




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