Our anti-theft fuel cap

Our cap PROTECTFUEL®, was built and study to ensure comprehensive protection for fuel tanks, combining the following advantages:

- The safety of your closed tank
- The control and the electronic tracking of your vehicle
- The management of authorized full operations
- The fuel protection with a unique filler neck
- Fuel flow accuracy by streamlining the écoulementLa easy installation on many models of trucks


Protection, control and management of your fleet

The solution to our cap guarantees a permanently closed reservoir through the sliding shutter that closes automatically as soon as refueling is complete. Moreover, this solution is practically inviolable. There are no ports or slots to allow insertion of a tube, probe, or other device used by criminals. This gradual sliding closure prevents access to the container without disturbing the carrier during refueling, thanks to the unique shape that allows the flow of fuel to flow uniformly along the walls.


Installation is simple, without drilling and without any mechanical operation, in seconds, thanks to its special device dual bayonet fitting socket. Note that no additional operation for fixing or anchoring is necessary, because the installation is done by simply turning the cap on the tank. Following installation, the plug can be removed easily and fits 90% of commercial vehicles.
Our connecting plug, coupled with a management software can detect any operation involving the opening and closing, as well as any alteration of the tank. So PROTECTFUEL® offers a solution to meet various fuel theft issues, such as theft by drivers, siphoning and vandalism








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