Company Overview

PROTECTFUEL® provides distributors geolocation solutions and fuel security, especially for carriers, increasingly engaged in the theft of their fuel problem.

As a company of human size, with a national network PROTECTFUEL® offers its distributors meet geolocation needs, while relying on better products and services.

PROTECTFUEL®, with an innovative concept stands out in the market for geotagging and thus enters the transportation market with solutions adapted to every need and especially each problem.




 Issue: fuel theft

In France, carriers find themselves facing a problem of fuel theft, with many hardware and especially financial consequences for their businesses. PROTECTFUEL® thus addressing this issue in order to facilitate the fuel management and protect their fleets. In 2011, fuel theft had increased substantially by 20% over the previous year. In 2012, this value has doubled unfortunately.
As for heavyweights tank with 1000 liters, they now represent the ideal target for criminals, especially if they are easily accessible. According FNTR (National Federation of Road Transport), more than 20 million liters were thus stolen in the year, with only 0.5% on a full tank. For some transport companies, particularly affected by fuel theft, these expenses may prove to be more important than the payroll.



Our solution

To meet the growing demand for vehicle tracking and securing fuel PROTECTFUEL® offers an innovative solution against all the problems related to this phenomenon, as siphoning, theft by drivers or tank vandalism. All of these attacks may well result in inability to correctly tours and represent a non-negligible financial loss.

Our solution is thus composed of several elements: A communicating filler cap, a warning box and location, a fleet management software and consumption.



It is important to note that our solution is coupled to the remote monitoring, remote monitoring via the TELES operations center, allowing alert when abnormal activity of the vehicle, but also to obtain alert reports to the authorities .






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